The easiest method to maintain your car, or truck looking excellent is to wash it regularly. Many people prefer to have their cars washed by someone else, but have you explored cleaning your vehicle? Check out our step-by-step guide about top tips for cleaning your car using a car wash soap before you take a bucket and a clean mitt.

Tactics for pre-washing with snow foam

What exactly is snow foam? Does snow foam work as a car wash? Due to the way it appears on your car, the term “snow foam” was coined. Snow foam, dissimilar to the cold stuff, cleans your car. Most snow foam treatments, however, are not a car wash. ‘Pre-washing your vehicle with snow foam improves the quality of your wash and extends the life of your vehicle’s finish.

A snow foam pre-wash is more effective than a normal water cleaning because of the foam’s consistency and chemistry. Snow foam stays on your car longer than ordinary water because it is more viscous. To maximize efficiency, snow foam adheres to vertical & even underhanging surfaces.

Snow foam cleansers encapsulate road grime, grit, dust, & pollen, removing them from your vehicle’s surface. While snow foam suspends and removes debris from your vehicle, sophisticated hydrophobic polymers enable streak-free rinsing. Snow foam that is pH-balanced will not harm paint, topcoat, chrome, aluminum, elastic, or rubber fittings.

Pre-washing your car with snow foam is easiest when you use a snow foam cannon or foam gun attached to a pressure cleaner. As a result, scratches and swirls are prevented because there is no direct touch with the car surface. However, if you do not have accessibility to a power cleaner, you can use a microfiber clean mitt & a light touch to mimic some of snow foam’s pre-wash properties.

Troubleshooting concern for snow foam

Pay care to the foam’s consistency when applying it to your car with snow foam. The foam gun, water supply, or dosage may need to be adjusted to get it correct. You want the foam to be dense enough to adhere, but not so dense that it does not run. To be effective, it needs to run off slowly or not at all.

Snow foam cannons or the foam gun fitted with pressure cleaner can be difficult to use if this is your first time doing so. To begin, we suggest using a ratio of 1-part concentrate to 16-parts water, or a 1:16 ratio. Dirty automobiles may benefit from combinations of 2:16 or 3:16. Snow foam cannon and water supply issues are the most common causes of inconsistent snow foam consistency.

Top tips for working with snow foam

Foam Gun Settings concern

High-pressure water and snow foam solution are combined in a cannon to create the foam. Adjusting the snow foam’s density is done with the use of the knob. It’s best to experiment with various settings until you find the ideal balance.

Water Supply concern

For optimal foam generation and application, the pressure cleaner should be rated between 1,800 and 3,200 psi & as a minimum 1.75 gallons per minute. The pressure cleaner can be starved of water, resulting in a lack of snow foam generation. Make sure that the supply pipe is not kinked before use.

Post Cleaning perspective

When you are done using it, rinse the foam gun thoroughly under running water. Clogged orifices & tubes can make snow foaming more difficult the following time around.

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