Half-yard beer glass is very tall and varied in diameter, depending on a manufacturer’s specification. Its capacity ranges from 420ml to 630m ml. The yard of beer has a long history, which originated in England. Most people associate it with the traditional pub drinking game. Whether you want to buy these glasses for home drinking or as an addition to your pub glasses, it helps to know what they are all about. This article will let you know the uses, features, and much more about half-yard beer glass.

Essential things to note about a half-yard beer glass

A yard of beer glass is about 90cm or 1 yard long. Thus, half a yard beer glass equates to about 45 cm and has the shape of a bulb at the rear end. The popularity of yard glass is on a tremendous rise. Shoppers are now demanding them on Alibaba like never before. Here is a guide to everything you should know about the half-yard beer glass. Upon reading this article, you will appreciate what these glasses offer.

The best features of the half-yard beer glass

Most manufacturers allow for the customization of the half-yard beer glass. It means that you can choose to have any logo printed on it. If you are in business, customization allows your brand to stand out. In addition, the glasses are unbreakable, have an aesthetic appeal, and are sturdy. Their unbreakable feature guarantees that they do not chip easily. Thus, consumers can use the half-yard beer glass for extended use.

The best place to use the half-yard beer glass

Traditionally, the half-yard beer glass was common in pub glass. Its primary use was for the fastest drinker of a yard of beer competition. However, now individuals are more evolved and use the glasses in homes, hotels, office administrations, and weddings. The appearance of the yard beer glass also accentuates the décor of the area where it is situated. That is a good reason to buy these glasses for your intended use. They will serve you, and you will be happy about it.

The minimum order quantity of the beer glass

The minimum order quantity refers to the least amount of half-yard glass you can purchase from a supplier. Most suppliers have a minimum order quantity of only one and a maximum of about 500 or more. However, the best suppliers offer room for negotiations, where you can request a specific amount. When it comes to customization of the glasses, the minimum order quantity is often 100 pieces.

The sustainability of the half-yard beer glasses

One aspect that most consumers wish to promote is the sustainability of the products that they use. The half-yard beer glass provides a sustainable alternative to chrome and is lead-free. The sustainability aspect ensures you partake in the preservation of the environment.


The half-yard beer glass has an incredible design and accentuates the décor of the place it is housed. Some of the best suppliers sell it with an accompanying holder for safekeeping. Knowing everything about these beer glasses can help you understand it and comfortably shop at Alibaba.

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