A machine that transforms the kinetic energy of wind into electricity is known as wind turbine or turbine machine.  The resulting energy is then be utilized to operate a different equipments using a generator. Small wind turbines are made for homeowners to fulfill all their energy needs.

The most suitable small turbine for an average household is a 15 KW Wind Turbine. It produces 15 kilowatts of electricity per year. These turbines are of the best utility for people living in an area with a wind speed of more than 13 kilometers per hour and less than 90 kilometers per hour. A 15kw wind turbine is best for homeowners seeking to be self-sufficient regarding their energy production.

Types of Turbines

15kw wind turbines are of the following two types

1. Horizontal-Axis Winds Turbines 

HAWTs are the most common turbines. As the name suggests, their axis of rotation is horizontal to the ground and parallel to wind flow. It works better in streamlined winds. It needs a stronger foundation and cannot be installed in small spaces or rooftops.

2. Vertical-Axis Winds Turbine

VAWTs are the best option when you have space constraints; as the name suggests axis of their rotation is vertical to the ground and perpendicular to the wind. They produce less energy than HAWTs but can operate well in turbulent winds. They take less space and can be easily installed on rooftops hence suitable for urban homes.

You can visit Alibaba.com to find both HAWT and VAWT wind turbines for domestic and industrial use.

Components of Wind Turbines

· Foundation

A foundation is a heavy structure of concrete under the ground to support other components and to ensure turbines stand firm when the heavy wind blows. 15kw wind turbines usually have an onshore foundation.

· The Tower

The tower is usually a circular steel pillar with a diameter of 3-4 meters. It varies from the turbine to turbine and usually is 75-100 meters. The tower’s height, the more wind exposure it gets, and the more efficient the turbine is. Towers can also be tilted down to survive harsh weather and/or low cost and are made of pipe or tubing.

· The Rotor and the Hub

It consists mostly of three blades and a hub to hold the blades in place. Turbines with two, three, four, or other numbers of blades can also be found on Aalibaba.com. The blades are hollow, light, and strong. They work on the aerodynamic principle of aero-plane and are twisted. Blades rotate with the wind, and their motion converts kinetic energy to mechanical energy.

· The Nacelle

It’s an important part on the top of the turbine that’s a home for several components: the Shaft, Generator, and Gearbox.


The mechanical energy produced through blades movements comes into the shaft, and then the shaft transfers it to the generator via a gearbox.


The Gearbox controls the speed of energy transfer from the shaft to a generator. When the generator needs more energy, it increases the shaft speed.

The Generator

The most vital component as it converts the mechanical energy into electricity and stores it in the battery. Alibaba.com has an assortment of wind turbines that come with or without generators.


Suppose you are looking for an alternate source of energy to fulfill your domestic needs and are looking for a sustainable, cost-effective, clean power generation solution. In that case, 15kw wind turbines are here to solve your problem. A small wind turbine is a solution for all your power needs. It’ll save you from the hassle of electrical maintenance and cost. You can combine Alibaba’s small wind turbines with a solar energy source and/or utility source.

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